The Bike Lane Fairy Has a Blog?

Laura TorchioGreetings Safe Routes Champions!  Welcome to “Blog BLF!”  

Just kidding, we all know there’s no such thing as a bike lane fairy - someone who can wave her magic wand and make our streets safe so kids (and adults!) can walk or bicycle to school (or wherever!) safely. We know its the people who champion the cause - day to day - on the front lines - who create lasting change. My job is to make sure all us champions know about each other and create a successful synergy for Safe Routes to School in New Jersey.

My name is Laura Torchio and I’m the New Jersey advocacy organizer for the Safe Routes Partnership's state network project (well, that’s a mouthful!) and this is the new New Jersey network blog.

Prior to joining the Safe Routes Partnership I worked as a transportation planner for more than 20 years. During that time, I helped the New Jersey Department of Transportation develop its Safe Routes to School program as well as its Complete Streets policy. I continue committee work with the NJ Safe Routes to School Resource Center at Rutgers University.

In fact, it has been through my career experiences that much of my personal passion for volunteerism has grown. The line between my work and my personal life is blurred, which is what happens when you’re lucky enough to work at what you love! I spend my "free" time supporting Safe Routes to School and Complete Streets in my community. My guess is your work with Safe Routes to School helps drive your personal passions as well!

The NJ network is made up of creative folks (like you!) from diverse organizations who partner together to strengthen and assist with New Jersey’s Safe Routes to School program. Together, we’ll focus on three main priorities:

  1. leverage and obligate funding 
  2. promote Complete Streets
  3. advance joint use policies

On this blog I will share NJ Safe Routes to School success stories, profile partner organizations like yours and share new publications, research and resources that will be useful to all of us. I also take suggestions - so please let me know your thoughts!

One of my favorite things to say is there is no “they”. We are “they”. If we want something to happen, we’ve got to be the champions to make it happen. I look forward to celebrating the synergistic momentum of all the “we’s” who are making a difference for safe and healthy communities across the state.  

Because, there’s no such thing as a bike lane fairy.  

Or is there?

For more information, or to join the New Jersey network, please contact me.

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