Introducing the News and Events Blog

Brooke DriesseWelcome to the News and Events blog! My name is Brooke Driesse, and I’m the communications manager for the Safe Routes Partnership. I’ve been with the Safe Routes Partnership for four and half years now. It is hard to believe it has been that long, and that the organization has grown from three staff in 2007 to 22 staff today – what a ride!

As the communications manager, my job varies from day-to-day. I pull together our monthly E-News and other e-blasts, put out press releases, edit reports and serve as the main staff contact for our Annual Meeting and the Safe Routes to School National Conference – just to name a few things I do.  I love all the variety in my job, ensuring there is never a dull day. Another thing I love is that I’m able to work for an organization with a mission I really believe in. Before joining the Safe Routes Partnership, I had the opportunity to teach middle school and high school in San Diego County, and saw firsthand the need for a program like Safe Routes to School to establish the importance of an active lifestyle early in childhood. And now I have my own little one who already enjoys his daily walks around the neighborhood, so it hits home just that much more. I can’t wait for his first day of kindergarten when we’ll walk together to school. I’m sure it will be a beautiful, temperate 95 degree August day in Texas, but a little sweat never hurt anyone.

Each month, in the News and Events blog, I’ll be providing you with national news and events taking place across the country, related, of course, to Safe Routes to School and active transportation. Expect to see much from me on the Safe Routes Partnership's 2012 Annual Meeting that will be held in conjunction with the Pro Walk Pro Bike Conference on September 10 in Long Beach, CA. Additionally, if there is a way to pepper the blog with college football updates along the way in a minimally distracting manner, I’m sure I’ll find a way to do so.

Until next month, keep up the good work everyone!