Statewide News: CTC Hears from Equity and Racial Justice Leader

Also at the June CTC meeting, Commissioners and the public listening in were treated to a presentation by Dr. Charles Brown of Rutgers University on questions of equity and racial justice in transportation. In the video of the full meeting, Professor Brown’s presentation begins at minute 57. Anyone familiar with Professor Brown’s work will not be surprised that his remarks were extraordinarily compelling, though we believe that the 15 minutes he was given could not do justice to the breadth of his research. We’re encouraged to see CTC finally start taking seriously that equity and mobility justice are challenges that it is in a position to resolve.  However, allocating a small piece of time for such a presentation is only the start in making the CTC a driving force for equity and transportation justice. With our allies at ClimatePlan, we continue to call for the CTC to create an Equity Advisory Committee that can open up the CTC to marginalized communities and ensure that the Commission tackles its work with a prioritization on racial and environmental justice.

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