California's Active Transportation Program: A Step-By-Step Guide to the Application Process

This guide will help California communities understand the process of applying to the ATP, with our recommendations for how to plan for, draft and submit your application.

 As this guide will make clear, it is never too early to start the process. We hope to convey the substantial work involved, but also to make that work more approachable, effective and even beneficial. Indeed, developing an ATP project the “right way” means identifying the neediest communities in your jurisdiction and working with them to choose and scope projects that will meaningfully address the challenges they face.


*This guide was orginally published in 2018, shortly after ATP Cycle 4 and has been updated in Spring 2022 in advance of the ATP Cycle 6 deadline.

California's Active Transportation Program A Step-By-Step Guide to the Application Process (2022 Update)
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