Active Transportation Equity: A Scan of Existing Master Plans

Key takeaway:

  • The inclusion of equity as a stated goal is emerging in pedestrian and bicycle plans across the country. This report recommends that plans include more details about the process of defining equity and improving data for equity-related performance measures. 


  • Equity can be defined in geographic or social/demographic terms. The report documents definitions of equity included in reviewed plans and suggests model definitions that highlight different frameworks (environmental justice, health, etc.).
  • Most performance measures were outcome or output-related; the report suggested also considering inputs to ensure an inclusive planning process.
  • The report includes tools for community outreach, GIS/data, and other resources to promote equitable planning.


  • This report reviewed 38 bicycle, pedestrian, and joint bike/pedestrian master plans for explicit mention of “equity” and related concepts like race, family characteristics, and income.

Advocacy Advance. (2015). Active Transportation Equity : A Scan of Existing Master Plans.

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