Safe Routes to School by the Numbers

Using Data to Foster Walking and Biking to School

This report offers insights into how newly expanding access to data can assist in improving walking and biking programs, provides an overview of the current state of data access and its limitations, and highlights case studies of communities and organizations using data to make walking and bicycling programs and policies function more effectively.

Numbers and statistics matter for making sure kids are able to safely walk to and from school. They supply the perspective that helps us understand the larger context of our work and answer questions such as:

  • Are the pictures and stories of healthy, active kids in our communities rare or common?
  • Are our programs reaching all kids or just a few?  Are there racial disparities in our reach?
  • Which elements of our initiatives are really making a difference?

This report provides a primer for Safe Routes to School professionals on how data can be accessed and used in creating, improving, and expanding walking and biking programs.

In addition, the report is intended to assist government agencies, universities and researchers, private corporations, and other organizations in understanding how they can better support safe walking and bicycling and active communities by making their data usable and accessible.

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